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Editor’s Picks: The 5 Best African Summer Styles
by Africa Fashionomics 11 Apr, 2018

Now that we’ve all gotten our closet-spring-clean out of the way to make room for new colourful summer wardrobe, it’s time we start familiarizing ourselves with all the great styles brough ... Read more

2 do’s and dont’s to give your customers the best experience ever
by Africa Fashionomics 10 Apr, 2018

Have you ever heard of the company called help scout? Focused on providing the best customer service, they have created a software that provides their customers with a streamline of their customer ser ... Read more

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3 Inspiring TED Talks for Entrepreneurs
by Africa Fashionomics 10 Apr, 2018

Taking the big leap and deciding on becoming an entrepreneur is daunting, sure, but with so many inspiring sources of information available on the subject, we have the opportunity to learn from experi ... Read more

How to overcome your fears in 3 easy ways
by Africa Fashionomics 09 Apr, 2018

Entrepreneurship can definitely be challenging and starting out in this exciting lifestyle will definitely bring out a few fears from within every individual. This is nothing to be ashamed of and inst ... Read more

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