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Olatorera Oniru’s Dress Me Outlet is Making African Fashion Products Accessible to the World
by Africa Fashionomics 09 Apr, 2018

Named one of the “30 Most Promising Young Entrepreneurs in Africa” in a 2016 Forbes list, Olatorera Oniru is quickly taking the African fashion and business world by storm. Following a suc ... Read more

Making your life easier: have you considered a project manager?
by Africa Fashionomics 06 Apr, 2018

As the entrepreneur lifestyle becomes more popular, every single day more ideas and businesses have been growing around the idea of helping startup owners to simplify their lives. Online presences, ba ... Read more

Fashion • Entrepreneurs
The Key to Female Entrepreneurship: Confidence
by Africa Fashionomics 06 Apr, 2018

It’s a sad truth but it’s the truth nonetheless: women work ten times harder than men in the business world. The reasons for this are mainly rooted in prevailing sexism, gender stereotypes ... Read more

Entrepreneurs • Business
Social Media and how to make it work for your business
by Africa Fashionomics 05 Apr, 2018

For all of you business owners, it is a known fact that in order to stand out in a crowd and make your business grow in 2018, a social media present is a must. Everything is very competitive in the bu ... Read more

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