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African Fashion And Design Week 2017
by Juan Carlos Domínguez 10 Oct, 2017

After 5 years of success, this 6th edition promises to be even more awesome! The theme for AFDW 2017 is “Honour the Masters and Celebrate the New”.  As the theme implies, the aim ... Read more

Cairo Design Week
by Juan Carlos Domínguez 10 Oct, 2017

CDW is an annual expo\event for designers and people engaged in most of the creative industries to create a regional hub for our local designers to achieve our creative industry mission, and engagemen ... Read more

Fashionomics Africa Disrupt!Fashion! Masterclass
by Juan Carlos Domínguez 02 Oct, 2017

Fashionomics Africa Disrupt!/Fashion! Masterclass Creating Wealth through Fashionomics     ... Read more

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Entrepreneur Fashion Week - Nairobi (Kenya)
by Anaïs Sánchez 13 Feb, 2017

This Year we launch Entrepreneur Fashion Week to be Held at The Captain Terrace Hotel Nairobi on 27th May 2017.   This season is open to all diversified Fashion Designers from all cultures an ... Read more

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