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Entrepreneurs • African heritage
The struggle of keeping up with the past.
by Fashionomics Africa 05 Jan, 2018

Nicholas Hlobo is a South African artist that has amazed everyone with his artistic performance – Parable of the Sower. With his creation, he was seeking to demonstrate just how distant people h ... Read more

Business • African heritage
Next stop on your 2018 to-do list is: Lagos Photo Festival!
by Fashionomics Africa 04 Jan, 2018

Lagos Photo Festival has been around for a while, just last year (2017) it has celebrated its 8th edition of the festival, as it has been operative since 2010. It is the only international photography ... Read more

Fashion • Business • African heritage
Glitz Africa Fashion Week
by Fashionomics Africa 03 Jan, 2018

Starting a new year with new goals in mind is always a good idea and, therefore, if you are a creative mind, you should already consider events, competitions etc., to attend. The fashion industry is p ... Read more

Economics • Fashion • Business
What you didn’t know about Nigerian weddings.
by Fashionomics Africa 02 Jan, 2018

Having a big celebration with many guests, extravagant locations and clothing in Nigerian weddings could be considered a tradition. The guest lists average at 1000 attending and expenses can go up as ... Read more

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