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Highlights from Dakar Fashion Week in Senegal
by Fashionomics Africa 28 Jun, 2018

On Saturday, June 23rd, thirty-five designers from Senegal, Guinea Bissau, Nigeria, Mali, South Africa and other countries flocked to the Dakar Fashion Week to exhibit their fantastic creations. Set t ... Read more

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Why Ghanaians aren’t benefiting from economy growth and how to fix it
by Fashionomics Africa 27 Jun, 2018

Did you know that Ghana is one of the economies that grows the fastest in Africa and amongst the top 3 worldwide? This would make you think that Ghanaians are benefiting from this and booming in terms ... Read more

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How to Keep Your Employees Cool and Motivated During the Summer Months
by Fashionomics Africa 27 Jun, 2018

Remember those last few weeks of school before the summer holidays? You’d be sitting cooped up in your classroom wiping the sweat droplets from your term papers, fidgeting in your seat with a ty ... Read more

African heritage
She Legal, the portal for entrepreneurs created by Tshiamiso Kgomanyane
by Fashionomics Africa 26 Jun, 2018

Tshiamiso Kgomanyane became inspired due to a strong feeling she had when entering the business world. She noticed that women were underrepresented and especially those of black race, were struggling ... Read more

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