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Re-writing Africa’s story
by Fashionomics Africa 01 Jan, 2018

We talk about this quite often here on our website – re-writing Africa’s story, changing the world’s perceptions and views of the delightful country. Africa has a lot of up-and-comin ... Read more

Keep your eye out for A.Y.E in 2018!
by Fashionomics Africa 29 Dec, 2017

Have you ever heard about Africa’s Young Entrepreneur’s platform? This company goes by the phrase of “Be Part of the World's Largest Entrepreneurship Network” and you defin ... Read more

Economics • Fashion
Worried about you motivation for 2018? Top motivational quotes that will surely help get you on the right path!
by Fashionomics Africa 28 Dec, 2017

Have you spent most of 2017 deciding on whether or not you should take the risk of starting your own business? Have you already started but are feeling a bit unmotivated? Maybe a couple obstacles have ... Read more

Fashion • Entrepreneurs
Zuvaa, the company that grew a bit too fast
by Fashionomics Africa 27 Dec, 2017

Just as any great business, Zuvaa was a passionate idea that was created from the creative mind of a young woman named Kelechi Anyadiegwu. She worked hard to create a fashion company and during this p ... Read more

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