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Sseko Designs – Building a Brighter Future for the Women of Uganda
by Africa Fashionomics 03 Apr, 2018

Uganda is one of few African countries that has seen a decrease in HIV infection rates since the 1990s, thanks to various educational and health programs offered by the likes of the Uganda Virus Resea ... Read more

Fashion • Entrepreneurs • Business
How to Build Your Fashion Brand on Instagram
by Africa Fashionomics 02 Apr, 2018

Creating a collection, thinking up a cool, memorable name and designing a logo for your brand is only one small part of actually building your brand. Getting it out there and known to the world of fas ... Read more

Entrepreneurs • Business
3 secrets of a super successful female entrepreneur
by Africa Fashionomics 29 Mar, 2018

After a long time analyzing the female fashion entrepreneur world, we have noticed how every successful company owner has several traits in common with the rest. Sure, they probably have different bus ... Read more

Entrepreneurs • Business
Effectiveness, Efficiency and how to reach your goal.
by Africa Fashionomics 28 Mar, 2018

As an entrepreneur, you have probably figured out how important it is to make smart use of your time and make decision processes the most efficient as possible. This usually results in big time result ... Read more

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