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3 Light Summer Recipes that Won’t Weigh Heavy on Your Productivity
by Fashionomics Africa 15 May, 2019

While we all love the summer – especially when we’re off work and able to take full advantage of it! – it also brings a big challenge: heat. The hot weather can really affect our pro ... Read more

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All about Loza Maléombho, the African designer who is causing a boom on social media
by Fashionomics Africa 14 May, 2019

Loza Maléombho is an Ivorian American fashionista who from a very young age, decided that fashion was her passion. She had a mixed culture impact in her life, since she was raised between Abidj ... Read more

Fashion • Entrepreneurs
StarFace Camp’s “Expression” Edition is Coming to Gulu this Weekend
by Fashionomics Africa 14 May, 2019

Weekends are the time we disconnect from all things work related and immerse ourselves in fun, relaxing and creative activities that allow us to recharge and let go of the weeks’ frustrations. I ... Read more

Fashion • Entrepreneurs
How to Get Noticed as a Fashion Stylist
by Fashionomics Africa 13 May, 2019

Do all your friends turn to you whenever they’re in need of a carefully selected outfit that not only informs their personality but also accentuates all their best bits? Are you forever looking ... Read more

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