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How to make a successful design product work?
by Fashionomics Africa 14 Mar, 2018

Have you ever wondered why some creative product designs work and some others simply can’t reach the same level of success? There are several characteristics that a good design product must have ... Read more

Chinwe Ohajuruka’s Solution to Nigeria’s Housing Crisis: Comprehensive Design Services
by Fashionomics Africa 14 Mar, 2018

The housing crisis has become a world-wide epidemic, but it is particularly problematic across the African continent where inadequate infrastructure further intensifies the situation with a lack of wa ... Read more

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Meeting Sara Okbi, founder of the ready-to-wear boutique
by Fashionomics Africa 14 Mar, 2018

Aujourd’hui nous faisons la connaissance de Sara Okbi, designer tunisienne avec beaucoup de talent. Elle est la fondatrice de « Esset HC », un atelier de haute couture et d ... Read more

Economics • Entrepreneurs
How a temporary income became permanent for Abimbola Balogun
by Fashionomics Africa 13 Mar, 2018

Abimbola Balogun, also known as “Bimbo” Balogun, graduated from the petroleum training institute in Warri Nigeria in 2006, and just as many others, was trying to find herself a place in th ... Read more

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