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Feven Alem Discusses the Ethiopian Fashion Industry and her Start-Up Fe Design
by Fashionomics Africa 03 Dec, 2018

This summer, Fashionomics Africa conducted an online survey with African entrepreneurs and fashion designers as a means to learn more about the current industry climate in respective African countries ... Read more

Life skills are business skills, here’s how to teach your kids
by Fashionomics Africa 30 Nov, 2018

As a parent, its normal to want to teach your kids about life’s most important skills in the most fun and creative way possible. It is also completely normal to want to save your kids from the m ... Read more

Entrepreneurs • Business
How to Deal with Bad Company Reviews
by Fashionomics Africa 30 Nov, 2018

The internet is one the best tools for company visibility. Using your customized website and social media profiles, you can create your own company image and engage with your clients directly, increas ... Read more

Entrepreneurs • Business
3 easy-to-learn lessons that business school won’t teach you
by Fashionomics Africa 29 Nov, 2018

If you are into business and making money out of your own innovative ideas, then business school is probably a safe bet for you. There are many valuable lessons that this school can teach you, everyth ... Read more

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