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Aishat, the entrepreneur mind behind Aeesha Collections and why she started
by Fashionomics Africa 04 Oct, 2018

Have you ever heard of the Aesha Collections based in Lagos? This groundbreaking brand holds one of the latest shoe trends in the industry, and has a big differentiating factor; their products are mad ... Read more

Entrepreneurs • Business
What to Post on Social Media
by Fashionomics Africa 04 Oct, 2018

As an entrepreneur, social media strategies will become a big part of your every day work life. The user experience on Facebook, Twitter et al will differ from your personal user experience seeing as ... Read more

Fashion • Entrepreneurs
How to create a vision board to keep motivation going
by Fashionomics Africa 03 Oct, 2018

Dealing with emotions when you are an entrepreneur can be tough. The range of roller coaster emotions can go from being in top if the world one week, to feeling unmotivated, lost and tired the next. O ... Read more

Fashion • Entrepreneurs • African heritage
Laduma Ngxokolo on MAXHOSA, AFI and Staying True to Yourself
by Fashionomics Africa 03 Oct, 2018

Fashion designers tend to tell their own stories through their creations. That of Laduma Ngxokolo, the designer behind one of the most exciting brands on the African fashion scene, namely MaXhosa by L ... Read more

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