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The 4 Top South African Fashion & Jewellery Designers on Etsy
by Fashionomics Africa 28 Mar, 2018

Since its launch in 2005, Etsy has quickly become a favourite amongst internet shoppers as well as artisans looking for a global platform through which to sell their products. There is literally nothi ... Read more

Economics • Entrepreneurs • Business
The inspiring story behind Nobesuthy Ndlovu
by Fashionomics Africa 27 Mar, 2018

Perhaps you have heard of the famous Nobesuthy Ndlovu designer name, a woman who was hungry for business and reached out towards her dream. Her inspirations started early on, when wondering in her cor ... Read more

Fashion • African heritage
3 Traditional African Fashion Pieces & How they Influenced Modern Designers
by Fashionomics Africa 27 Mar, 2018

The African fashion industry is starting to make its mark on the world, but in order to understand where modern designers find their inspirations, we must first acquire a certain knowledge of traditio ... Read more

Feeling exhausted from the entrepreneur lifestyle? Reasons why this could be happening and how to overcome them
by Fashionomics Africa 26 Mar, 2018

No matter if you are an entrepreneur that has just started your start up journey, or one that has been in the business for years, you’ve probably noticed how work comes around the clock. It is e ... Read more

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