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Why you should think twice before hiring one of your best friends
by Africa Fashionomics 25 Jun, 2018

Although it is every teenagers life to grow up next to their best friend and make a successful business together, once grown up, many of us should think twice before actually working with someone clos ... Read more

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Brighten Up Your Summer Wardrobe with African Print Dresses from Grass-Fields
by Africa Fashionomics 25 Jun, 2018

We tend to match our clothes to our moods and the seasons tend to influence these choices too. During the fall and winter season, we tend to opt for warm, deep colours to deflect from the cold, grey w ... Read more

Business • African heritage
Increase your happiness (and work efficiency) with these 4 easy hacks!
by Africa Fashionomics 22 Jun, 2018

In the tense world of entrepreneurship, it is likely you have felt a huge range of emotions. Everything from excitement, motivation and happiness; over to  fear, frustration and tiredness are lik ... Read more

Fashion • Entrepreneurs • Business
3 Best Websites for Designing Your Own Fabric Prints
by Africa Fashionomics 22 Jun, 2018

Designing the shape and flow of a dress or any other garment is one thing; finding the perfect fabric with the right print to make it come to life, is a whole other task. The idea for fabrics usually ... Read more

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