Are you a fashion lover but have no idea how to start?

10 Jan, 2018 • by Fashionomics Africa
Are you a fashion lover but have no idea how to start?
Fashionomics Africa

Perhaps this new year you have decided to fulfil all of your hopes and dreams for success. Is it a common feeling for you to know exactly around what subject you should start to develop but don’t know exactly how to execute? Today, our goal is to provide you a couple of ideas so that you can analyse them and decide what goes more with your business idea style, and what you want to create as a project.


So, you know that you love fashion and want to start the creation process now. Where to begin? Well, basically, by knowing what your ideal end goal is. Here’s a few business ideas to inspire fashionistas into creating their dream business.


  1. Start a clothing line. Perhaps this may be the most common one and you may encounter a bit more competition, however, if fashion is in your blood and designs are what you love, this may be the best way to express it.
  2. Write a fashion related book. Do you consider yourself and erudite of fashion? Do people compliment your skills to put together designs and do you feel like you have so much to say to those who want to learn more about the subject? Take the time to write down a book and publish it. Your talent could help many.
  3. Be a personal stylist. In todays world, there are people needed for everything. If your talent in fashion, why not become the advisor of a person in need to accomplish your fashion career?
  4. Start a fashion blog. Maybe you don’t express fashion on a daily basis but have so much to say about it. Why not start a website where you post comment, pictures, ideas and even start trends?
  5. Become a fashion YouTube. The internet have opened countless doors for all of us, YouTube included. Have you considered opening your own channel where you have the possibility to speak with your audience? Give personalized commentaries and show products? Who knows, maybe if you reach a large audience, brands will pay you to review their own products!


These are our top ideas for today, but stay tuned!! More options that you cant miss coming in the next few days.

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