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A couple more ideas for those who need some guidance

11 Jan, 2018 • by Fashionomics Africa
A couple more ideas for those who need some guidance
Fashionomics Africa

After a bit of research and supportive messages, we have the information that confirms how the hardest part for fashion lovers that want to start their initiative is passing on that passion to an actual tangible business. Our news post from yesterday got so much support that we have decided to continue the list of ideas for those of you whom are sure that fashion is your passion – but don’t know exactly in what area you would like to develop. We are sure that you know that there are millions of options out there, but perhaps we can help to clear up that search and decide faster to achieve your dream.


  1. Start a casual wear line. Is part of your lifestyle sports and running a healthy life? Maybe you can consider integrating that fashion into looking amazing while doing exercise. Nowadays, there is fashion in active wear from running clothes, yoga mats, and even sports shoes and accessories. Let your ideas flow and focus on an area that you daily use!
  2. Fashion PR. Maybe you love all fashion related ideas but don’t really find yourself in the business of actually creating the clothing. Have you considered being in the business by managing several brands? Nothing helps fashion businesses like a good PR company can. You could be in charge of managing their news articles and image.
  3. Mend clothes. Is the sewing machine the part of fashion that you most like? Maybe the creative part isn’t what you desire but you can definitely be greatly recognized by mending high quality garments that have become ripped or are in the need of a re-design.

As you can see with our ides, the fashion industry is not only for artists who want to create new garments but instead, includes every single person involved with making it possible. Be sure to open your mind and be true to what you really enjoy doing.

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