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A place to be.

12 Jan, 2018 • by Fashionomics Africa
A place to be.
Fashionomics Africa

Africa is booming with their contemporary art and culture, therefore, making everyone around go crazy. Prizm Art Fair, for instance, has taken it as their goal to showcase those artists in a city of Miami, which buzzes with a vast number of gallerists, aficionados, curators, deep-pocket collectors, and a vast selection of galleries (268 to be exact).  

Mikhaile Solomon is the founder and creator of Prizm Art Fair, which focuses on exposing artists from the African diaspora to the rest of the world. It features 30 artists every year – either new or already established ones, who all bring their perspectives of Diaspora. The event has been around since 2013 and is usually held by the end of the year; as a reference, it has been held on December 5th last year (2017).

Prizm Art Fair is not to be missed when on your stay in Miami, as it is a bouquet of sensory delight, with all the visual art practices and cutting-edge events that you will need. It includes press previews, opening three-course dinners (in collaboration with Barbados Tourism) and Prizm Panels, which are a series of conversations or/and film screenings by the creative leaders of Africa and the African diaspora.

The most important thing to take from Prizm Art Fair is that – it is a conversation starter for “universal belonging” and an exploration of Africa and its diaspora through a “transcultural dialogue”. It is an event, which is extremely meaningful and empowering for people of color, who might have been underrepresented in the past.  

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