The next best step for fashion entrepreneurs

12 Jan, 2018 • by Fashionomics Africa
The next best step for fashion entrepreneurs
Fashionomics Africa

First week of the year has gone by and perhaps you are feeling the itch to start your dream project. After countless numbers of reading, preparing, asking yourself truthful questions about what is a good projection for this year, based on your capacities, do you find yourself having absolutely everything you need to start, but can’t?

This is a very common subject and in the writers world is known as “writers block”. It refers to when you know the subject, have a great idea about what you are going to write about, but simply can’t find yourself sitting down to write. We can imagine entrepreneurs go through a similar phase. But there has to be a reason behind the quote that says “having a great idea is 10% but actually executing it is the other 90%.” This happens because it is fairly easy for dreamers to imagine huge successful businesses, imagine the way they would have managed things, talk about their many plans that involve hours of dedication. Where many fail, however, is at the momento where you find yourself today, putting yourself out there, actually starting tose hard thought out plans you have.

We know it is easier said than done and not only May it be hard to know where to begin, but after months of dedication we can imagine there are feelings involved. You want nothing less than the best success for your project and are scared that starting may mean the possibility to fail. We are here to remind you that without actually exposing your dream you aren’t event in the game - meaning , if you never start, you will never know how great it was.

We share three tips with you that may come in handy when trying to take action. First one is, notice your patterns. If you know what your mistake is, and are aware of it, You can try harder to change it. Second tip we have for you is to make yo most of little moments of time. Change the “free time” idea from watching tv to working on your project and taking action. Last tip to get you moving this year is to remember to relax from time to time. Life is about enjoying the journey and taking care of your mental health as well. Learn about balance and work towards our dreams.

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