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The Cotton and Textile Consolidation Fund (TCF).

09 Feb, 2018 • by Fashionomics Africa
The Cotton and Textile Consolidation Fund (TCF).
Fashionomics Africa

The Cotton and Textile Consolidation Fund (TCF) was established in 1953 and it is a non-profit organization and a textile education center that aims to improve the textile industry in Egypt and the rest of Africa. As mentioned, TCF is a government ail association and, therefore, it is sponsored by the Textile Industry and by the Ministry of Industry with a view to seeking solutions to the problems in the industry in Egypt.

The main objectives of TCF are:

  • Raising the professional and technical standards of the textile industry, by boosting the technical studies, 
  • Further investing in the industry and providing technical consultancy and testing services,
  • Advertising marketing of textiles in both domestic and export markets.

That being said, TCF achieves its objectives through the following activities:

  • Technical activities, which include providing pilot plants for handling all the industrial problems in all stages (spinning, dyeing and finishing). Supplying with Testing services Centers that are filled with the most developed laboratories, which sole purpose is to help Egyptian Textile mills apply the Quality Control System. Moreover, provision of technical and research support, inspection of Textile mills, import and export testing, approvals of technical standards, and training courses.
  • Commercial activities, which include studies of foreign markets for export development purposes, issuance of Exporters Directory and newsletters for local and international markets, collection and compilation of data, development of pricing for export to the countries all over the world (export approvals according to list prices), and lastly, adoption of certificate of origin for the export of the “General Authority”.
  • Information activities, which include gathering and sharing the latest news in the industry, issuing periodical Information and Technical bulletins, communicating with the local and global publishers, as means of gathering the latest researches. As well as, supplying with books and periodicals in both Arabic and English languages, and providing with library services for students and researchers.
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