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African entrepreneur collective was created to help you!

09 Feb, 2018 • by Fashionomics Africa
African entrepreneur collective was created to help you!
Fashionomics Africa

Have you ever heard about African entrepreneur Collective? Ever since it’s launch in Rwanda back in 2012, the company, created as a collection of business accelerators that support African entrepreneurs to grow their business, has already created more than 700 jobs, and not only helped businesses grow, but provided local jobs that have helped the country in both economic and social growth. 

How are they different from other organizations? Well this organization has decided to differentiate themselves by focusing on a different aspect than most organizations do. Usually, other businesses rely on helping start ups with the beginning stages of the process, but the problem they have found with them is that they often generate a great amount of ideas but don’t keep the process going. Therefore, many times, all that effort goes to waste and doesn’t end up in a working company. To differentiate and work on something worthy, the African entrepreneur collective provides ongoing support to existing entrepreneurs to “enter new markets, strengthen their operations, and ultimately grow their businesses.” They have a very simple end goal which is “In order to create more jobs in Africa, we find the people who are already creating jobs, and help them do it better.”

Who is behind this? A small team of professionals from several countries (USA, UK, and Rwanda) got together and noticed that the future of the country really is entrepreneurship. They believe that it’s the most sustainable way to move Africa out of poverty and hold values that we can all agree on to become successful. Some of them are : 1. African entrepreneurs will transform their continent. 2. Be inspired and be inspiring.3. Strive to do the easy things perfectly and the hard things thoughtfully. With several other values such as these, the company shows the quality behind what these professionals are trying to teach and support with their organization.

We hope that if you are a professional with a start up or working business, and want an organization that will mark a difference in your company, you seriously consider reaching out tho them in order to make a growth plan. 

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