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Ms Manche and her future with the Threads Accelerator Program

12 Feb, 2018 • by Fashionomics Africa
Ms Manche and her future with the Threads Accelerator Program
Fashionomics Africa

Tshego Manche, a business woman and the founder/CEO of La Manche has been one of the 12 elected designers to participate in the Threads Accelerator Program from over 400 applicants in the fashion industry. The program will take place in Port Elizabeth, Durban, Cape Town and Johannesburg and was created with the hope of improving entrepreneurship quality and promoting young professionals to get into the start up business.

The program intends to teach valuable entrepreneurship lessons,  and at the end of the 12 week program, participants must show their new business model to judges, (whom are set to be extraordinary business and fashion professionals like Basetsana Kumalo, branding guru Timothy Maurice Webster, Jacqui Burger, Vincent Hoogduijin and fashion designer Laduma Ngxokolo) whom will decide on a winner that end with a variety of privileges, not only businesswise but also a Mercedes-Benz ambassadorship, a Standard Bank-curated SME start-up pack and an international trade trip to Europe, which the winner can also use to work on networking and promoting their business. 

Ms Manche, whose elegant and unique designs have won her the trust of South American celebrities, says that if she won, her goal would be says “to own a premium empire that includes different diffusion lines that cater to stylish family needs as a whole. This would include product lines within the brand, such as La Manche kids, La Manche shoes, La Manche bridal and later, La Manche home, all locally produced.” 

She admits that with the lates economical and environmental changes in the world, a bit of challenges have come up, however, she and her team have tried their hardest to reinvent the fashion line and keep working on the development of new ideas. According to Manche, she tried to oftenly remember the vision of why she started, how her and the team can gain consistency, increase profits, minimize expenses and create a unique experience at La Manche for all of her customers. Hopefully, she does well in the final part of the program and if elected the lucky winner of the Threads Accelerator Program, is able to grow her amazing project into the vision that she holds for it today.

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