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Supporting women.

13 Feb, 2018 • by Fashionomics Africa
Supporting women.
Fashionomics Africa

Womentum is a non-profit, pay-it-forward crowdfunding platform (similar to previously discussed Thundafund) only it solely focuses on women entrepreneurs from developing countries.

The inspiration for such institution comes from real-life women in India, who have been observed being marginalized, especially the underprivileged ones, who cannot afford better-living conditions. But that’s also how a question “how can we help them” arose and the organisation slowly began to form. 

UN Women has discovered that more than a billion women (1.3 billion to be exact) are lacking access to the financial institutions, due to absurdly high legal barriers imposed on them. It is an issue that Womentum is wholeheartedly seeking to overcome, while also promoting entrepreneurship for women empowerment.

“Many of these women were not able to get loans because their financial status was tied to their husband, who often times wasn't supportive of them starting a business because they feared how the community would view a woman working,” – shares her insights on the issue the founder and president of Womentum, Prabha Dublish.

Womentum is working on two main things, which are: 1. Freeing women from the restrained access to capital and enabling them to lift themselves from poverty, and 2. A community from all around the world that will support their fight against the gender oppression.

Moreover, you can contribute to the cause by donating any possible amount (could be as little as $5) for the discovered entrepreneurs and also track the growth of impact that you have made. All of that can be simply accomplished on their website

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