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Now is the best time to invest in Africa!

14 Feb, 2018 • by Fashionomics Africa
Now is the best time to invest in Africa!
Fashionomics Africa

Africa, right now, is a huge opportunity for entrepreneurs, as it is the world’s second fastest growing region, with its current supply not being able to fully satisfy the demand. This opens a vast array of business prospects and very rewarding financial returns; which can (indeed) be achieved short-term. However, if you are planning to make a move in this market, you better do it soon, as that’s going to change in a few years – when more foreign companies move in.

Still, what Africa needs and wants are African entrepreneurs and businesses, who are going to benefit the continent. Africa Business Jumpstart is an online coaching and consultancy agency that is eager to “assist ambitious and heart-headed professionals, entrepreneurs, and business owners in the Diaspora to start doing business in Africa and investing on the continent.”

Starting your own business is (of course) not a simple task, as the facts are that: ≈ 50% of businesses in the West cannot pull through the first year of trading, and <75-90% become obsolete 5 years after launch. However, that is where Africa Business Jumpstart comes in, as they will cut downtime, risk and related costs for you. Moreover, they will assist you with planning, strategizing, and will do their best to prevent any rushed decisions or poor preparation.

Dr. Harnet is the founder of Africa Business Jumpstart and has worked as a Senior International Development Consultant for Africa in the past. However, the “mainstream approach” towards helping Africa did not suit Dr. Harnet, and that is how interest in African entrepreneurship has sparked.

“This is Africa’s time to shine and we want to be part of that, build wealth for ourselves and our families while contributing towards economic empowerment and the future of Africa.”

Last, Africa Business Jumpstart has a great website with suggestions on export, investments and business ideas, which are free of access. Moreover, they also offer mini-courses, books, boot camp training, and Academy memberships, all available at

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