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Have you heard about the African Fashion Fund?

12 Mar, 2018 • by Fashionomics Africa
Have you heard about the African Fashion Fund?
Fashionomics Africa

A new organization called Africa Fashion fund has been created with the hopes of empowering designers from the African fashion world to grow in both the industry and market, nationally and internationally as well. They believe that by giving designers the correct education and partnership opportunities with well known figures of the industry, designers will be set for their future success.


The African fashion fund has a vision to see Africa grow in the industry, as well as to see more africans involved in the luxury market. They believe that it is their mission to provide all these young designers with the best quality of teachings and opportunities in order to make their careers the best they possibly could be. Hopefully, they wish to one day see Africa growing and boosting its reputation and position in the world economy.


The organization has managed several programs in order to allow designers to choose the one that fits best to them . In the continuing points we will mention several them.


  1. Internships, where the designers can join for a period of 3 to 6 months, learn just as they would in an outside world job, and be part of a hand on experience where they learn more about manufacturing, products, quality and popular technologies worldwide

  2. Mentorships: where the organization sets up meetings with well known figures and young designers, in order to give them guidance to grow in the luxury fashion industry.

  3. Insider opportunities: Designers have the option to participate and feature their work in well known and highly attended industry events, where their projects will be observed and popularized.

  4. Grants: Where designers will have financial assistance to grow their business knowledge and start their designs and collection plans.

  5. Education, where designers that are interested may join to network with other fellow designers and attend courses in order to continue their studies.

We are glad that organizations like the African Fashion fund exist so that every day, designers become more empowered to succeed and leave their continents name up high when showcasing their talent around the world.

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