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3 successful personality characteristics and examples in real life

13 Apr, 2018 • by Fashionomics Africa
3 successful personality characteristics and examples in real life
Fashionomics Africa

Have you ever wondered how successful people reach such levels of happiness and success? In a popular book for entrepreneurs, Napoleon Hill, a researcher that was investigating the way different people have reached success, interviewed 500 entrepreneurs and noticed that they all shares similarities in certain aspects. These aspects, he concluded in his book “Think and Grow Rich”, are essential to have a mind that will take you to reach your goals. 

The first characteristic he noticed in these entrepreneurs is making decisions. Once you decide that you have a goal set, and have a clear path towards it you shouldn’t let anyone bring you down. Take the example of Oprah Winfrey. She was dumped from her television news anchor and told that she would never be a good addition to the television industry. If she wouldn’t have trusted herself and made the decision of reaching your goals no matter what,  then she probably would have felt beaten and her 25 year successful tv show would not have existed.

Second characteristic of successful people is persistence. Get the idea in your head that you probably won’t make it in the first try. Don’t quit on the first try and switch your passion into intensity. Do you think that champions of the olympics have always won every single competition? On the contrary, they have probably lost several times and it’s their persistence that allowed them to reach their end goal.

Third personality trait that can take you to success is probably knowing the power of your mind.  All humans have control over what the media is trying to influence upon us and how we decide to take it. If we have a weak mind control, we will fall for anything. On the contrary, if we understand what is happening in the media and visualize what we want, then we will be strong and forget about what the media is trying to sell to you.

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