3 ways to overcome difficult clients

14 May, 2018 • by Fashionomics Africa
3 ways to overcome difficult clients
Fashionomics Africa

Dealing with clients can definitely be hard. We all now that it takes a strong personality and a lot of empathy to be able to hold back emotions when it comes to demanding clients. Perhaps many of you try to lean on the idea that it is not personal, its business, but one way or another, the exhaustion of dealing with difficult clients can get to you.


Since this is something you will have to deal with all throughout your career, there is no way to avoid it but instead, you can get better at it. We have 3 great ways to deal with this the of situation.


  1. Always ask to meet face to face. You know how hard misunderstands can be and how easily they can get in the way of simple situations. Don’t mess around with text messages or emails. If you are having trouble communicating with a client, ask to meet face to face and talk things out, it can’t get clearer than that. “Besides, too many social-emotional cues can be missed on the phone and in digital communications. If you really want to save the sale, don't waste your time on either medium.” Says Fredrik Eklund, a million dollar real estate broker.


  1. Try humor to lower the tension. Of course a business meeting can always be intimidating. Use humor to try to soften up situations, but know your limit. Have a bit of fun, try to lighten the mood, but if the responder is not acting positively, get right to business.


  1. Know your own limits. Before entering any time of business meeting, experts say you should know your limits. In the case of Eklund, the real estate broker, he says he knows his floor and his ceiling. He thinks, 'What are the terms upon which I will truly walk away and what are the least acceptable terms where I will still take this?’”If you do this, you are automatically setting your own limits and giving yourself value. Make sure you are always comfortable and try to please your customer, but not at the expense of your own happiness.

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