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The Top 3 Careers for Fashion Designers

15 May, 2018 • by Fashionomics Africa
The Top 3 Careers for Fashion Designers
Fashionomics Africa

A degree in the field of fashion design will pave the way for a versatile career path that allows for various opportunities within and outside of the fashion industry. Although many fashion enthusiasts sign up for said courses with the intention of becoming fully-fledged fashion designers, many find themselves branching out and focusing their skills on other niches within the industry. There are many different career paths that require the creativity, vision and techniques fashion designers have acquired during their studies, here are the top 5!



Whether you’re looking to ensure that models are rocking the right outfit for a photoshoot or are more interested in designing the backdrop and interiors of said shoot, both fall under the job description of a stylist. A stylist oversees the designing of attractive visuals that will prompt potential clients to want to learn more about the specific brand. There are various niches for stylists to thrive in including product styling, catwalk styling and even blogging and social media.


Retail Buyer

Naturally, a trained fashion designer is going to have the right eye for all the latest trends which makes them the perfect candidates for becoming retail buyers for online and physical outlets. Retail buyers are fashion designers in their own right – they may not be responsible for the actual designing process of garments, but they are creating a brand or shop’s unique look by ways of choosing the right collections to meet customer demand. The job of a retail buyer typically involves a fair amount of travel too, which is always a big plus for fashionistas wanting to explore the latest trends from around the world.

Event Manager

A fashion designer typically knows how to work under pressure – working behind the scenes on catwalk shows, negotiating with wholesalers and designing backdrops for photoshoots is part of the course description. These skills will also open the doors to event managing to you as this job requires many of the same talents. An event manager goes to work with the same focus on creativity, customer relationships and management as a fashion designer, hence this could be a satisfying career path for those looking to branch out

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