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Nigerian Lawyer turned successful fashion designer

15 May, 2018 • by Fashionomics Africa
Nigerian Lawyer turned successful fashion designer
Fashionomics Africa

Have you heard of the name Folake Coker? If you have, it has probably been related to fashion and you’d have never guessed she was returning from law school in 1996. They say you can’t escape passion and this is exactly what happened to Folake. No matter how far she took her law degree, after even obtaining a masters degree in petroleum Law, her love for the world of fashion conquered her mind as soon as she graduated - and was designing a clothing line for herself that same year.


2 years after, in 1998, she launched Tiffany Amber, a brand that would come to revolutionize the Nigerian fashion industry. Since Folake had a childhood in which she moved schools in various countries; from Switzerland, England and Scotland, she had great influence over the European style. Her brand started growing and it took her 10 years until she finally managed to showcase her work in Mercedes benz Fashion Week New York. She obtained such high reviews that she was invited to present for the second time and made her the first African woman that presented two years in a row.


Over the years, Folake has been proud of giving Nigerian fashion a personality of its own. She affirms that something she is greatly proud about is how “If you mention a designer, someone would likely know who you were talking about. Ten years ago, that wasn’t the case. Lagos was more of a tailoring city back then as opposed to the designing city it has become”. Over the years, Folake has created two more lines under Tiffany Amber, each line representing a separate iconic style.


Folake has managed to win several awards including designer of the year at african fashion week, and even managed to appear on Forbes women power list. It is inspiring to see how a woman chased her dream and follower her feelings. In fact, Folake has continued to grow in the designing world in such a way, that she did not stop with fashion. Today, she has opened up to launching a line for lifestyle and home products, and has also partnered with diamond women, in order to mentor younger women who want to follow her steps.

*Image credits to mobizone.ng*

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