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3 Healthy Practises for Busy Entrepreneurs Working Long Hours

16 May, 2018 • by Fashionomics Africa
3 Healthy Practises for Busy Entrepreneurs Working Long Hours
Fashionomics Africa

Running a business can be extremely stressful, especially during the planning stages of special events or projects. The hours run long and if you don’t take good care of yourself, your energy will quickly run low. Stress can have strong effects on your body and overall well-being and if you’re not doing anything to carve out a little me-time for yourself during high-pressure situations and work-weeks, these symptoms can take a massive toll. High blood pressure, insomnia, digestive issues and headaches are all signs of stress and are your body’s way of telling you that it’s time to slow down. Here are three healthy practises you can incorporate into your daily routine to ensure you are giving your body the tools needed to combat symptoms of stress.

Stick to a Regular Eating Schedule

The first thing that quickly goes bye-bye when you are working long hours is a regular eating schedule. You know how it is – you enter the office in the morning and before you even get a chance to have a glass of orange juice and a bowl of muesli in the canteen, frantic colleagues are already briefing you on the latest updates, problems and urgent tasks. Next thing you know, it’s 4PM and all you’ve managed to eat is a bite of a stale, packaged croissant from the vending machines.

Not eating on a regular basis will cause your energy levels to crash and you will find yourself becoming shaky and jittery – the last thing you want when you’re already dealing with a stressful work environment. On top of that, it lowers fasting insulin sensitivity, raises your cholesterol levels and decreases calorie intake. Therefore, you should always be sure you are sticking to a regular eating schedule. Get up an hour earlier and have a relaxed breakfast before you head to the office – this way you’ll be able to enjoy your breakfast without distraction and won’t rush through it, giving yourself plenty of time to digest. Stick to regular lunch hours and dinner times too and make sure your colleagues and employees follow suit: it will create a healthier, sociable working environment!

Have a Siesta

You don’t need to be living in Spain to enjoy all the perks of a siesta. Making time for a power-nap after lunch or between over-hours, doesn’t have to become a part of your daily practise but during particularly stressful work-weeks they can truly work wonders. And if you can reserve time for a siesta right after eating, all the better: it will give your body the time it needs to digest properly which, in turn, will help prevent stomach upsets such as bloating or acid reflux. If you are running your own company and have enough space, it might be worth considering creating a quiet corner for people to relax in when needed. A simple sofa in a quiet corner of the office will suffice – surround it with a few potted plants and it will be come a small oasis away from all the hustle and bustle. A twenty-minute nap will give you and your employees a much-needed rest and the opportunity to recharge your batteries and face the rest of the day with new energy.


If you’re too wired to relax into a power-nap, do the opposite: exercise! Go out for a nice stroll after lunch or bike into work every morning. Exercise is great for combating stress, anxiety and depression and will leave you on a delicious adrenaline-high that will result in extra energy for your stressful workday. If your employees and colleagues are looking to a get a dose of exercise into their lunch hour too, consider setting up a group people are free to join: you could all meet out on the office lawns or on the roof top for an energetic yoga work out or a speed-walk around the park. This is also a great way to build relationship within the team so it’s a double win!

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