Exciting growth news for Ghana’s cotton industry

08 Jun, 2018 • by Fashionomics Africa
Exciting growth news for Ghana’s cotton industry
Fashionomics Africa

A couple of weeks ago, a delegation led by the Minister o Food and Agriculture attended a business meeting in China, with the objective of starting a business partnership that will greatly benefit the country. Ghanian products are interested in entering the Chinese Market and the cotton industry, as well as the cacao and she nut sector are included in these negotiations.


Dr. Owes Akoto, the minister of food and agriculture assured that the government of Ghana had already set aside 100.000 hectares of land for the production of cotton in Ghana’s north territory, as a way of revamping the cotton industry. His intention with this is asking the Chinese investors to take advantage of this opportunity and help grow not only the national market but internationally as well.


The current objective is to exponentiate the way cotton is produced and managed as of right now. Mr Yesseh, the CEO of Cotton Development says that small scale farmers are being supported by interested cotton companies whom later buy it, process it, and either sell it to the local textile industries or export it. They goal is to “modify the system to make sure that we do commercial farming, we want to to establish a plant in the country to process the cotton and also manufacture garments.” he said. All of this lies under the hope that the production of cotton in Ghana becomes more commercial than what is actually is today, and this way, help the local economy.


The fact that this conversation that holds the possibility of setting up a cotton processing facility in Ghana is not only exciting, but also holds enormous potential for the county. We can only hope that this negotiation continues along the positive path and this helps boom the cotton industry in Ghana as soon as possible.

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