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Korto Momolu and her fashion life after participating in project runway

12 Jun, 2018 • by Fashionomics Africa
Korto Momolu and her fashion life after participating in project runway
Fashionomics Africa

You may have heard about Korto Momolu after she impressed the world in season 5 of Project Runway, the tv show. Even though she did not win first place, thiscdesigner, born in Liberia, ended in the top finalists and was invited to participate in a New York Fashion Week show. Of course, everyone watching the show knew that she had a huge career waiting for her after the show ended, but what exactly has she been up to? We are here to tell you all about that.


Momolu explained in a very interesting point of view, how fashion week is a great mix of entertainment and publicity. She has found that it is a real challenge to sell, because in the old times people would attend events to buy fashion, and nowadays, they attend to take pictures and have fun. After weeks have gone by, if you’re lucky, a buyer reaches out to you and says they are interested. Momolu says that she can just do that on her own website, so it is definitely challenging to put together a show every year.


Momolu definitely shows the power of a confident strong woman who is proud of her African roots. She is not afraid to express what she thinks and her collections make a clear demonstration of her african influence. The prints and silhouettes are definitely inspired by west Africa and she combines it naturally with a glamorous accessory like sequins or silk.


For the future, Momolu wishes to become a strong solid brand such just as those that have inspired her throughout the years, mainly Valentino and Carolina Herrera. She loves classic design and wants o be the kind of brand that has been around for decades, no matter if it’s only for certain tastes and age groups. She wishes to progress to mass production and has realized that “finding financial backing is more important that indulging in the electric fun of New York city’s fashion scene. Also, she has gone through some personal challenges, since being a mom has caused her great sacrifices when having to leave for work fashion shows. She clearly states that her priority is her daughter, but she will continue to balance and work hard on both aspects of her life.

Image from https://gossipliberia.com/

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