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Why Congo could become the next capital of fashion

13 Jun, 2018 • by Fashionomics Africa
Why Congo could become the next capital of fashion
Fashionomics Africa

A couple of months ago, the fifth edition of “Carousel de la Mode” took place in Pointe Noire,  a fashion event that celebrated cultural diversity and designers from all over the continent arrived to showcase the best pieces of their collections.


Pascaline Kabré, the events organizer has had the goal of making Congo the fashion capital for a long time, and after long months of hard work, was able to put on this amazing show where several designers stood out and demonstrated that Africa has plenty of talent without the need to look for foreign artists. She states how  her “other objective is to have more support for young fashion designers and models before they are given opportunities to go out to other countries”, this way, the best talent of the continent stays “inside” and allows it to grow without being mixed with other cultures.


Pascaline loves how over the past years, African culture is now something to be proud of. One of the nights most outstanding designers, Adriana Talansi from Congo, has represented her country numerous times not only in Africa but around the world as well. She recently showcased her work in Africa Fashion Week London and her collection is called nothing less than “identity”, representing the very profound meaning of who she is on the inside, and the identity  of African culture that she expresses throughout the collection.


Another great designer who was able to present in the event and also left Africa’s name in high standards, was Rede Fawaz, a male designers whose couture fashion (that at the same time expresses African pride), has been worn by music industry celebrities like Serge Beynaud.


After the success of this event, and the way it left everyone feeling motivated and proud of their roots, Pascaline as well as her team, are set on creating more events like these and one day making Congo the capital of fashion in Africa.

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