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The Best of Style Lounge 2018

09 Jul, 2018 • by Fashionomics Africa
The Best of Style Lounge 2018
Fashionomics Africa

It’s been a little over a week since Ghana’s renowned fashion event, Style Lounge 2018, took place and we’re still fantasizing about the incredibly collections presented this year. This year’s event, as always curated by Debonair Afrik, operated under the theme “Influencer’s Night” and, as such, brought together Ghana’s biggest VIPs for a night of Fashion Talk and sparkly champagne.

Hosted by actress and content creator, Chriskata, who is known for her impeccable style and knack for tuning in to the latest trends, Style Lounge 2018 turned into a glamorous night that showcased Ghana’s up and coming designers and offered a fashion workshop hosted by Christie Brown’s creative director Aisha Ayensu, business and communication strategist, Robert Carl Nuacoo Nunoo, fashion blogger and social media manager Jessic Naa Adjeley Konney and, CEO Empress Jamila.

Some of the highlights of Style Lounge 2018’s Collection Presentation included Ekua Addo’s Afro-Latina Collection, House of Oath’s Archaic Invasion and Dufie Boateng’s Greek Eternal. Eku Addo is a new star on the Ghanaian fashion horizon and wowed the audience with a collection that pays homage to her mixed cultural background and the Taino tribe, which impacted the people of Puerto Rico, Cuba, Haiti, Dominican Republic and Jamaica. The predominant colours in this collection are natural shades of red, yellow, orange and brown elevated with subtle but eye-catching print patterns and stylish accessories.

House of Oath’s Archaic Invasion is a menswear collection that evokes images of our forefathers who were prone to wearing loose-fitting clothes that kept them cool and breezy during the hot summer months. Celebrating natural tones, this collection hopes to invade our youthful preferences with archaic styles, merging the best of two eras. Dufie Boateng’s collection, Greek Eternal, on the other hand, was inspired by “Hymn to Aphrodite”, a poem written by the Greek poet, Sappho. This stunning collection focuses on white and soft pink to emphasize concepts such as love, power and deceit and is comprised of dresses and jumpsuits some of which celebrate the typically Greek off-shoulder look while others are all about flow.

Style Lounge 2018 opened our eyes to all the talented designers and beautiful garments hailing from Ghana and beyond, and it’s time for us to rock these creations around Europe so that the rest of the world finally catches on to the fashionable continent that is Africa.

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