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Importance of your customers' happiness and how to measure it

09 Jul, 2018 • by Fashionomics Africa
Importance of your customers' happiness and how to measure it
Fashionomics Africa

If you have been in the entrepreneurship industry for a while, you probably know how hard it is to earn and maintain  happy customers. At the end of the day, no matter how great your product is, if your customers are not satisfied; the business will not grow, so learning how to keep them happy is essential. This is the reason why sites like yelp and tripadvisor have grown so much over the years, since they offer customers with real feedback from others who have already gone through the buying experience. With the creation of sites like these, and ratings on retail items, quality has never been so important, and you as the business mind behind it should make it a top priority to always maintain happy customers.


A big question you should always ask yourself is, how happy are your customers? What are you doing to keep them buying from your brand and not the competition? What are they feeling? This can be easily managed by 3 different ways we will show you today.


First way is through your website. Nobody likes taking long surveys or has time to send feedback emails, they do however, have time for a simple click that will get their message through. Try adding to your webpage a section that includes Customer Satisfaction Score charts. With a simple image that asks them to mark the way they are feeling (either on a 1-10 scale, or images of happy/average/sad faces) you can receive the answer of the users that are browsing through your webpage. Also, you can offer a discount if they express their satisfaction rating and this will get you quick results.


Second option is targeting their emails. With a quick Net promoter score or survey (try not to make them too long), you can ask 3 basic questions and find out how likely they are to recommend your company, see their overall satisfaction, and what they would improve.


Third idea on how to learn more about your customers satisfaction is through social media. Customers talk about their experiences on the internet all the time. If you are present and engage with them through the brands page, it will also give a great impression that you are personal with clients and can even fix bad impressions some of them may have.


Most important thing to remember is that while some of these results may be negative, the most important thing is to apologize and fix the issue so that your interest in keeping them as customers is always evident.

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