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Moroccan designer Hana Himmi found success within her roots

10 Jul, 2018 • by Fashionomics Africa
Moroccan designer Hana Himmi found success within her roots
Fashionomics Africa

Many times, we forget that it is within the things that surround us, that we most often find inspiration. It is common to find designers looking for new places to visit and new countries to discover in order to have a new idea to design, but this is not the case for Hana Himmi. This designer has Moroccan roots and although has lived parts of her like in Holland, she has always been in touch with her home country and decided to embrace Morocco’s culture as a way to grow her designs.


The way she was able to embrace her roots and mix both cultures into her own personal style, has brought together a line of beautiful dresses and quality garments. According to her website; “In every inch of every piece, she infuses passion and love” and after taking a look at her creations, there is no doubt there is a formal education behind her talent as well. Hana Himmi went to Amsterdam Fashion Institute and although she accepts that the love for fashion had always been inside of her, she has also had the possibility of traveling the world and this has taught her a bit of education on how to implement different styles into her own roots. Some of the countries she has felt more inspired by are Dubai, Istanbul, Hong Kong and Shanghai, and as you may notice, it is not an easy job to mix together such contrasting cultures however, she has done it perfectly.


HImmi has named her brand HImmiH, and wants her brand to stand for feminism, elegance and turn every single woman into the queen she wants to be. In the founder’s own words;”HimmiH is the type of brand this world needs. Gathering the world in every dress, by the fabrics from different continents and being handmade in another continent, HimmiH stands for connection between all mankind.” Sending this message out into the world through fashion that is being worn by women, HimmiH obviously shows us all that she understands it all.


The most important things that we have to learn from Himmi is the way that she is not only trying to have success in fashion, but she is also trying to leave a footprint in the world. She wants her fabrics to be seen in women as the result of many cultures mixed into one item - and reach her goal of what she wants the world to be seen as: one. We hope that her collections continue to impress in the upcoming years, and that her goal of connecting civilian women with the world continues to expand.

Image credit from: Hanan Himmi's facebook

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