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A few ideas on how to work better under pressure

12 Jul, 2018 • by Fashionomics Africa
A few ideas on how to work better under pressure
Fashionomics Africa

In the ideal world, we would all have endless hours to complete projects, an eternal budget and creative ideas would just flow every day. Unfortunately, in the real world we have to work under pressure and this doesn’t always work well for everyone. If you are an entrepreneur, it is important that you know how to manage your emotions so that your business doesn’t cause any negative effects in your personal life. On the contrary, if you don’t learn to work well under pressure, and let it get the best of you, then you could suffer from stress, tension, migraines and even bad temper on a day to day. Since we want to avoid that from happening, we are going to share a few ideas on how to work better under the pressure in your business life.


  • Create timelines for everything. You’ve probably heard this before, but when time is limited, tension grows a lot! Experts say that preparation is key, so if you already expect tension to be building up for a certain event, make sure you have a clear timeline on the work you must prepare and have it ready ahead of time so that you can avoid inconveniences.
  • Ask for feedback and truly take it into consideration. This is something that will not only help on high pressure days, but on the long run, because it will reduce the amount of mistakes you make along the way. Many times, we feel that what we are doing is perfectly fine, and of course that’s expected because it’s the reason why we make our own decisions, but when we open our minds to other perspectives, we grow and will definitely avoid those high pressure days. According to entrepreneur.com, being open to feedback and “Relating to others as people builds social capital, which supports collaboration, commitment and positive organizational behavior.”
  • Invest in a good team. It is important that you are aware that the pressure will come sooner or later. Part of being prepared is having a team to back you up when the workload is high. There is no price to being able to trust your team with tasks when you can’t handle the workload on your own.
  • Take time off. Of course this will have to wait for a moment when there is not too much work to finish, but whenever you have a space for yourself, take it and try to meditate. There are scientific results that show how meditation can improve stress and allow you to manage high pressure in a better way. Most importantly, remember to breathe, relax and keep working when times are tough.
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