Quotes to avoid when you are at work

08 Aug, 2018 • by Fashionomics Africa
Quotes to avoid when you are at work
Fashionomics Africa

Knowing the best way to express ourselves has always been essential when trying to grow in business. Choosing the right way to say things and the correct moment to say them can make a huge difference on reaching the results you wish to achieve. Today, we have gathered 3 phrases you should never use in your workspace, and the explanation on why they could be misinterpreted.


One phrase you should always try to avoid in your company is to use the phrase “that's not my job”. When you say this, the wrong impression that you only limit yourself to do what you are paid for may sound rude and you will seem uninerestersted towards helping to company grow. If you are willing to lose a customer because what he or she asked for does not fit your job description, the company will definitely look for someone else who is more available to demonstrate excellence. Instead of saying this, try explaining that you are limited on time with other tasks or even trying to connect them with the correct person to help with their problem.


Another common quote that is said in the workplace that should be avoided is “ I don’t know and can’t help with that”. Of course that there will come times when you don’t know exactly what the correct answer is, but no matter how many times this happens, your answer should be more proactive towards trying to fix the problem, instead of dismissing it. Try fixing instead of evading the problem.


Saved for last, is the phrase of “I won’t do that because I don’t like my team”. This should be completely avoided. In the workplace, it is normal that you make friends with some, and don’t really get along with others. It isn’t, however, normal to evade work time just because you don’t like a certain person. You may have different personalities but when it comes to business, you should leave differences aside and do what is best for the company. Never evade a good job session just because your friends aren’t present.

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