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How to handle international customers

09 Aug, 2018 • by Fashionomics Africa
How to handle international customers
Fashionomics Africa

If you are planning on expanding your startup, then thinking about international customers is part of the equation. After doing business for a couple of years, you probably know that managing clients isn’t always easy, so imagine how complicated it can get when coordinating business with clients on an international location and different time zone…. Doing this the correct way, without getting a headache requires patience, organization, and flexibility. Today we will share with you a couple of ideas on how you can become prepared to makes this situation run as smoothly as possible.


1. Having a clear method of communication. In today's world, communicating with somebody that lives across the country -  or even across the world can be relatively simple throughout technology. You must be clear with the communication channels that will be used, and whether it’s Skype, FaceTime, WhatsApp or the office phone number, being available is important. If you ever have questions or comments in a traditional office building, it is often as easy as knocking on your co-worker’s door to get answers, but when you live far away, it is important to be able to answer quickly in order to continue production and make business as efficient as possible.

2. Set a week day for regular meetings and stick to it. With differences in time zones and day to day activities, being aware of the other customer’s schedule can get complicated. Instead, set a day of the week when you get together and update each other. Whether it’s a quick conversation to check up, or business planning meetings, make sure you both keep them on the calendar so that you don’t get mixed up with the time difference.

3. Express your appreciation. This is something that we wouldn’t necessarily mention when working face to face because one simple smile or gesture in the morning voices how happy and appreciative we are with others. When the customer or co worker works far away, however, he or she may be unsure of how you are feeling. In order to avoid confusions, express how you are feeling and how happy you are with their work. Something as simple as an appreciative email can make a huge different in team morale.

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