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3 Best Ways for Entrepreneurs to Recharge During the Weekend

10 Aug, 2018 • by Fashionomics Africa
3 Best Ways for Entrepreneurs to Recharge During the Weekend
Fashionomics Africa

If there’s one thing all entrepreneurs can agree on, it’s that weekends are too short. Friday evenings are spent trying to wind down, Saturdays are reserved for all the chores we didn’t get around to during our busy week and, by the time Sunday rolls around and we are ready to relax, we can’t help but worry about all the things on our to-do list for Monday. It’s not easy making the most out of your weekend and actually getting the chance to relax with so many other responsibilities to tend to, but it’s important to keep you on the top of your game. Here are the three best ways for entrepreneurs to recharge during the weekend!

Run a Hot Bubble Bath

It’s not unusual for entrepreneurs to get home on a Friday night with their minds still buzzing and calculating, unable to switch off. They might do their bit by flopping down on the couch for the latest episode of The Bold Type but can hardly follow the latest gossip on Sutton, Kat and Jane because they’re still going over the latest proposal in their minds. A way to quieten the mind prior to committing to the Friday-night-couch-potato-act, is by soaking in a deliciously hot and fragrant bubble bath. Run a bath, add some essential oils like lavender, ylang ylang or sandalwood and set yourself up for absolute relaxation: pour yourself a glass of something chilled, put on some soothing tunes and get lost in your latest book. The heat of the water will relieve muscle pain and prepare you for a good night’s sleep.

Cook a Healthy Meal for You and Your Friends

Eating healthy is the key to a balanced life, but it’s not exactly fun when you have to rush through the ritual of cooking from Monday to Friday, simply because you don’t have the time to actually enjoy the process. It’s not just the outcome of cooking – i.e. yummy food – that has a healthy, relaxing effect on us, it’s the activity in itself as well. Preparing, washing, chopping, marinating and cooking the food we consume can have a meditative effect and tunes us in to how we handle the food we put into our bodies. Throughout the week we usually don’t have the time to embrace this meditative practise, let alone sit down for a leisurely meal. Weekends are the time to take full advantage of your cooking skills, so make a party out of it – invite your girlfriends over and turn cooking into a group activity. You’ll find yourself winding down the minute you start peeling potatoes and by the time you sit down to eat and chat, the office will seem like a distant memory.

Practise Self-Love

During the week we simply function – yes, we may have our strict morning rituals of exercise or a hearty breakfast, but it’s hard to fully enjoy them knowing we have to rush out the door immediately afterwards to face a day of high stress. It’s hard to keep up with those self-loving rituals when your agenda is jam packed with work responsibilities during the week but the weekends – those are for you. Relax into the weekend by treating yourself to your favourite face masks, a DIY mani/pedi or facial or head straight out to your local hammam. Whatever makes you feel good, relaxed and/or happy – do it, now is the time.

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