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Top 5 Apps every entrepreneur should have on their phones

10 Oct, 2018 • by Fashionomics Africa
Top 5 Apps every entrepreneur should have on their phones
Fashionomics Africa

Are you an entrepreneur that loves technology?  Today we have the top 5 apps every entrepreneur needs to have on their phone in order to become more efficient.


  1. Go to meeting. This free app will allow you to create video calls with multiple people at a time. The free version gives you the option of holding meetings up to 30 minutes with unlimited guests, and the best part of this app is that you can easily program calendar and send invitations to all of your guests, and it automatically synchronizes with you calendar (ical, google, etc).

  2. Skype. If you’re in the need for meetings longer than 30 minutes, you can always use Skype. The most important aspect of this app is not only the video call meetings, but making international phone calls at a low cost as well. You can also get a private landline in the USA, which is really important when it comes to business, since this allow you to provide security in a worldwide business appearance.

  3. Authy. Nowadays, cybersecurity is really important. I know that you’ve seen everywhere the “2 step verification process”. This is the time where a simple password is not secure enough anymore. Authy allows you to create multiple safety passcodes for almost every single app in the market. Keep your apps or even bank accounts safe using this app, it’s simple to use and fast. Best part is, that it’s 100% free.

  4. Fiverr. Every entrepreneur needs help at one point in their career. Wheat you need a designer for your latest logo, a lawyer to help with your status or simply a writer helping you phrase your idea into words, fiverr app has thousands of freelancers waiting to be contacted. It’s easier than hiring on a payroll and you will get guaranteed professional work.

  5. Audible. Every great entrepreneur knows that continuous education is one of the most important assets in th game. If you commute daily, and don’t find enough time in your day to read a book, then download free app audible. It allows you to listen to books and get educated instead of listening to music. You won’t ever feel bored again!

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