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3 rules to follow in the days before a big launch

11 Oct, 2018 • by Fashionomics Africa
3 rules to follow in the days before a big launch
Fashionomics Africa

Preparing for a product launch is part of being an entrepreneur. There will come a time when after all of your long hours - and even months of work, it is finally time to launch your project and we know that this may not be easy.


A lot of feelings can come to mind when you start getting closer to the date. Excitement and fear are both equally common, since you will for sure be excited about listening to customers response to your work, but fear of being accepted, successful, and proud is a big doubt that you will probably feel.


When you find yourself in a situation like this. And about to prepare for a big launch, there are several approaches hay you can take in order to avoid going crazy with anxiety. Today we will give you 3 rules in order to arrive prepared for this moment and continue feeling productive and happy.


1.Keep your calm. Although this sounds easier said than done, staying calm is essential in order to be complete success. Being able to react positively to anything that may come your way in the case of an emergency is essential. If in a worse case scenario, an unexpected change must be done you must feeling calm in order to proceed with the most professional manner.


2. Make sure that you have enough stock. Nothing can be worse than seeing your product become a huge success only to fall short of inventory. In order to be able to follow rule 1, you must be confident and well prepared, and that means having your products in order.


3.Get in touch with your marketing team and be informed on what is happening. Most of the the time, anxiety comes from being uninformed. If you have no idea on how clients will get informed about your project, have no clue on what the PPC campaigns are about, and don’t even understand the email templates, you will probably feel lost. Set up a meeting with your marketing pros and make sure you understand what’s about to happen.


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