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3 Psychology based tips that will make you increase brand awareness

06 Nov, 2018 • by Fashionomics Africa
3 Psychology based tips that will make you increase brand awareness
Fashionomics Africa

Becoming a worldwide hit takes much more than just a great product and an awesome business mind behind the scenes. Have you ever wondered why millions of delicious food companies don’t seem to reach the popularity of other no-so great companies? This is due to marketing stunts and physiological tricks that the most successful companies use in order to sell more, even if competition appears and offers better quality.


If you have your own company and want to take its’ future to a whole new level, then building a trustable brand will not be enough. You must start learning and implementing the most helpful psychology tips that have been demonstrated over the years to increase brand fidelity and awareness.


If you have never hear of brand psychology then read below for 3 ways you can start using small details that cause a big change!


  1. Make the purchase about feelings and not rational reasons why someone would need your product. It has been proven by neurologists worldwide that most of shoppers make their decisions based on the emotional reasons why they need it, not intellectual. What this means si that someone probably won’t buy your latest dress design because they NEED it, but instead, because it makes them FEEL beautiful. Use this to your advantage and transmit feelings though your brand.

  2. Don’t expect to sell before having social proof. In the old age, people used to go to their local bars, restaurants, stores, and grocery shops. In today’s world, transportation has made everything easier to access and more competitive. People will (90% of the time) read about you business online before deciding to try it. This is why you must pay attention to what blogs, ratings and other niche related industry influencers are saying about you.

  3. Use reciprocity. Nobody likes feeling like they are being ripped off, even if you have the coolest brand in the world. Having a brand that only asks their customers for more and more spending will not be sustainable in the long term and there will come a point where competition offers more value to them than you do. In order to avoid this from happening, make it a regular question to ask yourself “how am i offering value to clients?” Offer them pdfs, fun facts, free gifts, and even a coupons for next purchases so that they feel like you love and value them as customers.

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