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The 3 Most Important Tools for a Healthy Office Life

08 Nov, 2018 • by Fashionomics Africa
The 3 Most Important Tools for a Healthy Office Life
Fashionomics Africa

As entrepreneurs, we may be on the move a lot, meeting with clients, sourcing fabrics and schmoozing investors, but we spend equally as much time in the office. To ensure that our time spent in the office does not put any unnecessary strain on our bodies and overall well-being, it is of utmost importance that we pay attention to the tools we are using for an optimally healthy office life. Think about it: a professional construction worker will be equipped with top-of-the-line tools that will not only help him do the best job he can but will also facilitate said jobs. And while sitting behind the computer may not be as physically taxing as construction work, there are still many tools you can turn to for extra comfort and support. Here are the three most important tools for a healthy office life!

Ergonomic Chair

Just as your matrass will be one of the most important investments you’ll make when you move into your own home, you should never scrimp on an office chair. If you’re not out and about closing deals, you will be spending the best part of your day in your chair and if you don’t want to morph into a hunchback by the time you are forty, you will need to make sure you have an ergonomic chair that will help you keep a good posture while you’re working at your desk. Do your research and test as many chairs as needed until you come across one that offers the right support for your back and buttocks and we promise you, you won’t suffer from shoppers-remorse for one single second.

An Adjustable Desk

Sitting for long periods at a time is extremely unhealthy on various levels. It is recommended that we get up from our desks and move and stretch at least every half an hour to ensure healthy circulation and avoid muscle aches and stiff bones. Imagine if you had a choice between working in a seated or a standing position, or even better, the option to alternate as you see fit? By investing in an adjustable desk, you can alternate between working seated or standing; this system increases productivity and will quickly become your preferred approach to working.

Good Light

As if staring at a computer screen all day wasn’t challenging enough, many offices are also equipped with poor light, putting even more strain on our eyes. Look into the best light sources for office environments to ensure that you are doing all you can to keep your staff’s eyes sharp and healthy. If changing the office’s entire light system simply isn’t in your budget right now, look into individual desk lamps to light up smaller working spaces.

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