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Abstract, the clothing line that matches your emotions

09 Nov, 2018 • by Fashionomics Africa
Abstract, the clothing line that matches your emotions
Fashionomics Africa

For most of us, choosing what to wear is part of our daily lives, and many times, it depends on our state of mind. Some days, if we are feeling down, we may wear dark clothing; and when we feel happy and excited, we may wear funner and brighter clothing. This is why, many times, fashion changes according to the season and colors do to.


In all of our history’s fashion markets, choosing clothes has been a personal choice, however, a new brand has literally used technology to run your emotions into clothing, how does this work?


Abstract is the name of this innovative brand, and it allows you to create customized clothing based on personal emotions and stories. On their website, you must follow their instructions to type out a story, then, an algorithm uses your webcam to analyze your facial expressions while you type, and the data it records makes your information into a sequence that is later converted to a rhythm. Whit this data, a certain type of fabric and clothing style is chosen.  A mixture between what you look like, how fast you type, what faces you make as you type, and your pauses, influence what type of clothing is made for you.


So, what should you type while the camera analyzes you? “A lot of them are memories or favorite songs, or a favorite cake recipe from their grandma,” Karmaan, the creator, says in a phone interview. It is important that you write about something that is meaningful to you this way, the system can lead more into your facial expressions. “If happiness is red and sadness is blue, the facial recognition will analyze you emotional state and make shades within those two,” Karmaan says.


The best part is that you can see your design forming while you type, so you can see the pattern being created and you are able to change elements on purpose. This amazing site is still under development and will be launching soon, but the designers plan to make lines of t-shirts, pants, shirts, dresses and skirts made of mainly wool, silk and cotton. Prices will be around $300, so keep an eye out for this luxury innovative brand.


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