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The Best Travel Websites for Business Trips

12 Nov, 2018 • by Fashionomics Africa
The Best Travel Websites for Business Trips
Fashionomics Africa

Travelling for business can be a hectic to-do, especially if you’re squeezing several meetings into a forty-eight-hour stint in a cosmopolitan city. There’s nothing exciting about having to navigate busy highstreets and adhere to public transport schedules when you’re on the clock and have no time to take in and enjoy your surroundings. And when finding the right hotel in the perfect vicinity of the event/meeting/conference you’re attending turns out to be a hassle, it’s just added stress you really don’t want to be dealing with on top of everything else.

To ensure your business trips run smoothly, there are a number of booking websites you can refer to for optimal flight deals, hotels and car rentals. Here are the top travel booking websites for entrepreneurs who are forever on the move.


Instead of wasting your precious time scouring the internet for cheap flight deals website by website, go straight to Skyscanner and find the best prices with just a few clicks. As the name already implies, Skyscanner scans the sky – well, ok, the internet – for the best flight companies headed in your desired location at attractive prices. Unlike most flight booking websites, Skyscanner allows for an open-ended date search which will allow you to play with different company, date and destination options, making it the ideal platform for airport-hopping entrepreneurs.


If there’s one thing every entrepreneur can sing you a song about, it’s the fact that business trips often don’t go entirely to plan. Venues and times are changed last minute, reserved expo booths fall through, flights are rerouted – the craziest things happen. It’s easy to remain calm when you don’t have non-refundable deposits to think about, otherwise the thought of wasted money will simply add to your stress and chagrin. This is why business women are so thankful for booking.com: a flexible hotel booking website that allows you to book now, pay later and offers various free cancelation options. Extra bonus: you can find car rentals in your chosen area too!


If you’re travelling so much for your business you hardly remember what your own bed looks like, you’re probably missing the comforts of home. One way to beat the travelling blues is by booking yourself an Airbnb stay and treating yourself to an actual home – it may not be yours, but for a night or two it will feel as though it is. You can opt to rent an entire home or book a private room in someone’s flat or house. The latter option will distract from the homesickness by ways of meeting new people and sharing a space.


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