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Recommendations that top CEOS give young entrepreneurs

05 Dec, 2018 • by Fashionomics Africa
Recommendations that top CEOS give young entrepreneurs
Fashionomics Africa

Starting a business from zero is definitely a roller coaster of emotions. It’s fun and challenging yet scary and causes anxiety in our day to day life. Many CEOs have ended up with a successful company and did not stop there, instead, they decided to take some time to give their top recommendations to others following similar steps in order to prevent them from committing the same mistakes they made in the early years.


“These mistakes should not be seen as negative” one CEO states. This may sound weird and it’s definitely not easy to change the average mindset, but mistakes are not only natural but great for learning as well. They make you grown and most importantly, are easy to approach with calm- especially when  you have a good mentor.


One CEO recommends business owners to  “not make the mistake of abusing of peoples commitment. “ Of course you want hard working people who aren’t afraid of dedicating a few extra hours to get the job done, but don’t abuse this advantage.


Many good employees get tired of thOse extra hours when it becomes constant and feel that their bosses simply see them as machines. Remember to give back gratitude and make them know how much you value them.


Another recommendation is to never emphasize comfort over productivity. With modern trends that apple and google have set, every entrepreneur wants their offices to be fun and the coolest place to work at. Don’t confuse giving your employees a fun and comfortable work space with forgetting about productivity. Having a cool office is a luxury, not a must, and employees must remember that they are there to work, not play.  Always keep that balance.


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