3 countries that show how Africa has grown over the years.

07 Feb, 2019 • by Fashionomics Africa
3 countries that show how Africa has grown over the years.
Fashionomics Africa

During many years, Africa has been given the image of a poor and insecure continent that only survives thanks to the help and donations of richer countries. Although Africa is not at the same economical and technological development as Europe or The United States, it’s definitely not as “small” as the media has made it out to be, and in the past years, even less so.


Many countries in Africa have caught up, grown, and are leading an economic and technological boom in the continent. The African success story is starting to become a reality and here are 3 countries that serve as the perfect example.


  1. Rwanda. This country is a great example of an emerging power, even after going through on of the worst genocides in 1994. This country is growing its economy about 8% per year, and the World Bank has even called it the top reformer for business in 2010. It’s main income sectors are the exportation of agriculture, tourism and foreign aid.

  2. South Africa. Although this country has gone through years of racism, corruption and xenophobia, South Africa has managed to place emphasis on creating a better infrastructure; which has not only led to jobs, but maintaining a steady growth of 3,2% every year since 1994-2013.

  3. Mauritius. This country is the perfect example of growth and innovations. While other countries still struggle with healthcare, Mauritius offers public healthcare for free, it has a GDP growth of more than 5% over the past decades and has spent the past years building a strong economy, political system and social welfare.

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