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How to Write an Engaging Blog Post

08 Feb, 2019 • by Fashionomics Africa
How to Write an Engaging Blog Post
Fashionomics Africa

What do most successful, modern companies have in common? They all engage with their clients on a regular basis by maintaining their own blog. While the content may not always be directly related to company news and updates, it will always be written with a similar focus in mind, namely the sector of business. If you’re looking to hop on the blog-posting wagon and increase your company’s online visibility, here are a few helpful tips on how to write an engaging blog post.

Start with a Winning Headline

You might have your topic for your first blog post all worked out, but no matter how good the actual content, you need to make sure the headline is a winning one if you want to get people to click. Your headline should spark your reader’s curiosity immediately – it should be snappy and motivate them to want to learn more. If you’re looking for ideas for headlines that are guaranteed to work, check out this list of attention-grabbing blog titles.

Deliver What Your Headline Promises

A lot of people make the common mistake of slapping a catchy title on their blog and then failing to deliver what it promises. For example, if your headline promises to teach your readers “5 Ways to Create New Outfits from Scratch”, that’s exactly what it should do. If your readers click on this title to find that nothing within the text actually teaches them how to create these new outfits from scratch, chances are they won’t waste their time on your blog again.

Be Original

Your blog could be the 167849404 millionth blog to cover “How to Handle Your Finances” or “How to Lead like a #SheBoss”, but that doesn’t matter. You could even have the exact same title as various other blogs online and yet, as long as your content and approach to the subject is original, you can set yourself apart from all the others by offering new and original information, strategies and thoughts.

Be Timely

Finding ways to tie in timely news and happenings in your blog posts will help you stay trending. If you’re running a fashion blog for example, keep up to date with all the latest news in celebrity fashion, award ceremonies, etc. – any topic that will be hot on the Google press could work wonders for your own blog too.

Find the Right Tone

Keep your target readers in mind as you’re writing your post and make sure you are using a tone that will resonate with them. If you’re running a high-fashion boutique geared at upper-class clients, they probably won’t respond to a witty, youthful approach sprinkled with millennial lingo. On the flipside, the millennial crowd is unlikely to respond to an elevated style of speaking. Think of how you communicate with your clients in real life before you translate the same tone into your writing.

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