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3 tools that will make your reading time more efficient

08 Feb, 2019 • by Fashionomics Africa
3 tools that will make your reading time more efficient
Fashionomics Africa

Everyone knows that reading makes people smarter. If you’re in the business of self improvement, then probably one of your years goals was to read more. More often than not, people think that they should make more time available for reading when in reality, all they actually need to do is make the time that they already have more efficient. Read below if you’re interested on why and how to do this.


Did you know that most of the time lost during reading is due to distractions, lack of concentration and uncertainty of vocabulary words (therefore, taking more time to look this word up?). Read about these 3 tools that will maximize your time.


  1. Audible. If you haven’t heard about this groundbreaking tool, now is the time to try it. Audible had grown so much that almost every new book being released comes with an audio version, and this means that you can play it while driving, doing exercise , or even while you read the actual book to make comprehension easier. Best part is that you can pay a membership and get access to many books for cheap prices so start making use of this as soon as possible!

  2. If you’re into the traditional way of reading, and want to continue sitting in the corner with a book in your hands, then try a tool called 7 speed reading x. This tool has won many awards due to the ability to show you how to read a lot faster. It also comes with reading activities, and helps you correct bad habits that hurt your eyes in the long run.

  3. Last but not least? If you want to make reading more efficient, then download a tool called vocab 1. This software will improve your vocabulary using fun games and contextual learning designed specially for you. You will be surprised with how much better you understand books after using this!

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