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3 Reasons Why a Social Media Break Will Benefit You

11 Feb, 2019 • by Fashionomics Africa
3 Reasons Why a Social Media Break Will Benefit You
Fashionomics Africa

Are you reading this article on your phone? Did you find it during your morning-scroll at the breakfast table or on your way to work? As much as we appreciate you stopping by and taking the time to read this article, the fact you found it on social media so early in the day might suggest you’re spending too much time on Facebook, Instagram and their siblings. Should you really be getting your fix of screen time during breakfast when you know you’ll be spending at least 70% of today behind the computer, laptop or phone?

Sometimes a break from social media – as difficult as it may sound – can work wonders on your inspiration and mental well-being. Here are three ways a social media break will benefit you.

It Will Improve Your Mental Well-Being

As fun as a scroll through social media platforms can be, it can also take a toll on your mental well-being. Though few of us like to admit it, Facebook, Instagram et al can have a very negative effect on our confidence – we find ourselves comparing our lives, bodies and supposed state-of-well-being with those we follow online and, even though we know most images don’t necessarily add up with reality, they affect our confidence.  Taking a break from comparing your own bikini bod with Issa Rae’s will reconnect you with your own sense of self-worth and love.


It Will Spark New Inspiration

One two-minute scroll through social media feeds will leave you with so many impressions, soon you’ll no longer be able to distinguish between your own ideas and things you’ve seen on your timeline. The best ideas are born from stillness or within a creative environment – so, do yourself a favour and don’t let the clever marketing strategies on Facebook et al influence your own ideas by giving yourself a weeks’ long social media break. You’ll be surprised at how quickly fresh ideas will start coming to you when you’re no longer bogged down by someone else’s content.

More Time to Live Life

We don’t actually realize how much time we spend on social media until we take a break from it. Suddenly we find ourselves with so much more free time on our hands. The morning commute we usually spent scrolling through Instagram is now freed up and who knows, instead of engaging with one of our followers, we might engage with the person next to us – you know, IRL! By blocking our social media channels for a while, we’ll make more time for what’s really important in life: living it with all the beautiful people around us!

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