Why using technology is a must in the new era

13 Mar, 2019 • by Fashionomics Africa
Why using technology is a must in the new era
Fashionomics Africa

Technology has become part of every aspect of human life. It has become essential for us humans, and daily tasks that make part of our everyday routines cannot be managed without these devices. It has become so important, that many books and documentaries have even claimed it one of the “best achievement of scientists during the humanity”, and with every reason, since it has allowed to improve most aspects of life.


Technology has been found in every aspect of the human life, and  today we are going to show our 3 aspects of life where technology has become essential in our daily lives.


Education- technology has fueled all of our educational systems. School’s today are backed up with ebooks, iPads and computers in order to offer student a more complete background in education. Technology also makes it more efficient for teachers to handle reports, grading papers, and makes planning a lot easier.


Communication - this is a no brainer in our daily lives. When in old times, we were supposed to write letters and call by telephone, today we can speak with friends all over the world in a minute over text messages. With apps like WhatsApp, Skype, and devices like iPhones, smartwatches and smart tv’s, communication allow us to speed our lives.


Security - Feeling safe has been an essential feeling ever since humans started to exist.  Technology has helped families and businesses feel safe, and security devices have helped to secure financial data, protect homes, and save digital password in order to maintain accounts in order.


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