3 great suggestions to take into consideration before you start your business

12 Apr, 2019 • by Fashionomics Africa
3 great suggestions to take into consideration before you start your business
Fashionomics Africa

After all of this week’s inspiration towards starting your own company and becoming your own boss, planning your own design business must be on your mind. No matter if you are considering a jewelry company, a fashion line, or even a graphic design firm, there are certain questions that start to rise in terms of where and how to start.


If you have come this far, you are probably willing to follow any guide that promises your success, but here at fashionomics we want to be honest and tell you that success is in your hands, not in a simple 3 step guide. Having this in mind, there are certain parameters that you can follow in order to increase your success possibilities, so here are 3 things you must take into consideration when starting your own design company.


  1. Decide what you are great on and focus. Nothing could be worse for your success than investing time and money in a project, one to decide a year later that what you actually wanted was something completely different!

  2. Identify your ideal client and analyze what they really want to buy. It doesn’t matter if you love your products, if your target isn’t interested, then the company won’t grow. Make sure you know there is a potential market for your products and that you know where they are going to find you,and why they will choose you, rather than someone else.

  3. Make your business plan based on adding value. This is the latest trend in succeeding, and it’s all about giving to your customers before asking them to pay you. Nobody Iikes feeling obligated to pay, but if your customers feel like they are getting great quality, service, and environment in exchange for a low price, then you will become the best!

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