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A Ghanaian fashion label: all about Duaba Serwa

10 May, 2019 • by Fashionomics Africa
A Ghanaian fashion label: all about Duaba Serwa
Fashionomics Africa

If there is a way to describe Ghanaian fashion created with excellence, delicate details, bold colors, and gorgeous patterns, there is no other label that comes to mind other than Duaba Serwa. This high end contemporary women fashion label is also known for its understated flamboyance, while at the same time, providing comfort and simplicity.


The  head designer in Duaba Serwa is called Nelly Hagan Deegbe and she has been in charge since 2011. Not long after she joined, the brand was chosen for having an outstanding collection in Arise Magazine Fashion Week Lagos, the 2012 Ghana Fashion and Design Week Africa, and Mercedes Benz Africa Fashion Week in Johannesburg.


The vision of the brand is to offer bold and effortless beauty. They love constructing luxurious styles that are chosen by women who like being elegant yet extravagant. Also, they seek empowering women to be ambitious and successful while still looking and feeling feminine.


Apart from the brands success, Duaba Serwa is projecting an expansion in the near future, as well as a production growth. The label has been invited to India ,Japan, and London to pressure retail opportunities and we have no doubt that their journey with be a quite successful one.


The Guaba Durba head designer has a message for aspiring and upcoming entrepreneurs, and we think its a valuable one. She claims that “God does all things, and my story is purely out of the love God has for me. A balance of hard and smart working; ethics , talent, ambition, and honesty will take you far.  In all this the most significant lesson I have learnt is, never stumble on others  as you climb to the top .

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