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How to Get Noticed as a Fashion Stylist

13 May, 2019 • by Fashionomics Africa
How to Get Noticed as a Fashion Stylist
Fashionomics Africa

Do all your friends turn to you whenever they’re in need of a carefully selected outfit that not only informs their personality but also accentuates all their best bits? Are you forever looking at different garment pieces and mixing and matching them with accessories and other fashion items to create the best looks in your head? Are you frequently complemented for your unique style? Then you’re well on your way to becoming a stylist.

If this is a career path you would like to pursue now or in future, there are several steps you can take towards making it happen. Here are three ways to get noticed as a fashion stylist!

Dedicate an Instagram Account to Your Outfits of the Day

If people on the street can’t take your eyes off you and often stop to complement you on what you’re wearing, chances are the internet might get just as excited about your daily outfits – take full advantage of that fact! Dedicate an entire Instagram account to your best outfits and choose your hashtags accordingly. Fashionistas are always looking for new inspiration – as are fashion editorials, houses and events who might be looking to hire a new in-house stylist.

Offer Your Services at Local Events

Are there any cool, fashion-related local events coming up in your area? Then don’t hesitate to send organizers your email and offer your expertise. Big and small events could offer an excellent “in” to your local fashion scene and event organizers are always happy to employ volunteers or interns to help run the show and reap experience. Tell them about your interest in fashion and your ability to create stylish looks and who knows? You might be dressing the models for your next local runway show.

Be Your Own Model

If you do more than throw exquisite outfits together and actually design and make your own clothes too, be your own model! Wear your own creations out on the town as much as you can, snap lots of selfies from different angles and create your own hashtag to share on social media channels. You’re your own best models so flaunt yourself, your style and your designs and see where it takes you!

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