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All about Loza Maléombho, the African designer who is causing a boom on social media

14 May, 2019 • by Fashionomics Africa
All about Loza Maléombho, the African designer who is causing a boom on social media
Fashionomics Africa

Loza Maléombho is an Ivorian American fashionista who from a very young age, decided that fashion was her passion. She had a mixed culture impact in her life, since she was raised between Abidjan and Maryland USA, and this is directly reflected into her designs.


One of the first moments where Loza discovered that fashion was what she wanted to do for life, was when at age 13, she found herself designing school uniforms for all of her family members. It was only a matter of time after that, and in 2006, after pursuing a career in Animation in the university of Art in Philadelphia, she graduated and took the leap to intern for fashion designers in New York.


Loza was lucky enough to intern for amazing fashion brands such as Jill Stuart, Yigal Arouel and Cynthia Rowley, who taught her about all the real life basics. Thanks to that enriching experience, she launched her own self titled fashion line in 2009.


Her brand today is promoted under the vision of fusing traditional cultures, sub cultures and contemporary fashion. Also, the now famous designer “bridges Ivorian traditions with modern fashion: Celebrating the paradox of old and new, cultural and futuristic.” She also “ experiments the synergies between Ivorian tribal aesthetics and New York City’s urban fashion.”


Her designs are eccentric and colorful, and have had such success, that they have caused her to become an instagram sensation, and thanks to her raving fans, the fashion line has been able to expand into shoes and accessories as well.


If you were considering a career in the fashion world, this is the perfect example of a woman with a passion, who took her studies and talent and converted them to a full success!


Image from: https://intothegloss.com

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